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  Rubrik: World-wide News/Products & NewsImperva Expands File Protection with Broad Data Loss Prevention IntegrationsRSA, Websense, McAfee and Code Green Networks Now Partner and Integrate with Imperva SecureSphere(24.06.11) - Imperva, a pioneer and leader of a new category of data security solutions for high-value business data in the data center, today announced the extension of its cornerstone file security solution, SecureSphere File Activity Monitoring, via integrations and marketing partnerships with leading data loss prevention (DLP) RSA, Websense, McAfee and Code Green Networks. The combination of File Activity Monitoring and DLP helps enterprises better protect sensitive data and aids the analysis of data ownership, access rights and usage of sensitive data. The capability is available as a part of "SecureSphere 8.5"."File security continues to be a soft spot for many organizations, said Amichai Shulman, CTO, Imperva. "The integration of SecureSphere File Activity Monitoring with data loss prevention enhances data security programs with stronger controls to monitor and prevent abuse. SecureSphere works with DLP and other content discovery solutions to import the location of sensitive files and the type of sensitive data that has been discovered. That information is then leveraged to focus SecureSphere analytical capabilities on the most important data. Data classification information from these solutions is also used in SecureSphere policies to control access and generate alerts when sensitive data is accessed. The combination of file activity monitoring with DLP ensures:Data owners can be identified for sensitive dataAn audit trail exists of who has accessed sensitive dataThe sensitive data is protected by real-time policiesAccess to the sensitive data is based on a business need to know."FAM and DLP are highly complementary and work extremely well together," explained Rich Mogull, Securosis Analyst and CEO. "DLP solutions can dig into files and understand the content. FAM solutions can leverage that understanding to cost-effectively meet compliance requirements, reduce file management costs, and reduce the risk of data breaches." (Imperva: ra)