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Erleichtertes Erstellen und Auswerten von Reports

SolarWinds hat ein umfangreiches Update-Paket für ihren "Storage Manager" veröffentlicht
Dank "EMC Monitoring" besserer Überblick über Array-Leistung und -Kapazität und Erleichterung für das Erstellen und Auswerten von Reports -
IT-Profis können ihr Monitoring-Equipment mithilfe Nutzer-definierter LUN-Gruppierungen (Logical Unit Number) anpassen

(23.06.14) - SolarWinds announced a feature rich update to its heterogeneous storage performance and capacity management product, "SolarWinds Storage Manager", which extends visibility into array performance and capacity with enhanced EMC monitoring, simplifies charting and reporting, and empowers IT Pros to customize their monitoring equipment with user-defined logical unit number (LUN) grouping.

SolarWinds Storage Manager, a heterogeneous storage performance and capacity management product across multiple storage arrays such as EMC, NetApp, HP, IBM, Dell, and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), works as part of a solution to provide end-to-end visibility for hybrid IT environments of applications, physical and virtual servers and storage. Storage Manager monitors performance and isolates hotspots in multi-vendor SAN devices while also mapping virtual machines to physical storage, automating storage capacity planning and reporting, and simplifying the analysis of usage and reclaiming storage space.

The latest version of SolarWinds Storage Manager continues to simplify storage monitoring by automatically compiling configuration information from EMC's Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VP) objects such as disk groups, virtual pools, tiers, policies, and storage groups, and by providing trending and forecasting of thin pools on VMAX. Additionally, IT Pros can now use SolarWinds Storage Manager to align storage with applications, organizations or business requirements through user-defined LUN grouping.

"Advanced technologies like solid-state disk (SSD), automated data tiering and thin provisioning are critical to maintaining storage performance and capacity, but vendor-specific management solutions don’t always keep up with changing technology or the evolving needs of IT Pros," said Chris LaPoint, vice president of product management, SolarWinds. "This latest update provides IT Pros with the ability to organize LUNs into groups that make the most sense for their operations and monitor EMC with advanced technology in the SolarWinds Storage Manager console, streamlining storage management and continuing to help simplify daily storage management tasks."

What is new in SolarWinds Storage Manager:

>> Enhanced EMC monitoring provides management capabilities for EMC’s FAST VP tiers and policies, and trending and forecasting for VMAX thin provisioning to determine when and how fast will the storage run out

>> User-defined LUN grouping capabilities allow for more information related to specific LUN groups to be easily accessible. For example, IT Pros can create new a LUN group for the Exchange environment servers, easily view LUN group information in the console and leverage the groups for reporting

>> Improved, interactive charting and reporting provides additional insight and drill down visibility into storage performance

In April, SolarWinds Storage Manager was voted the most preferred "Storage Virtualization Solution” by the VirtualizationAdmin.com IT community in their Readers’ Choice Awards. Also, Storage Magazine, a U.K. publication, named SolarWinds Storage Manger a finalist for "Storage Monitoring Product of the Year” in their annual Storage Awards. The winners will be announced in June.

SolarWinds Compute and Storage
With these enhancements to "SolarWinds Storage Manager", SolarWinds continues to expand its capabilities by providing deep visibility and enhanced management insight across the application stack. The integration between "SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor", "SolarWinds Virtualization Manager", and "SolarWinds Storage Manager" offers the ability to manage the whole infrastructure, from applications, physical and virtual servers to storage, in the context of the applications it supports. (SolarWinds: ra)

SolarWinds: Kontakt und Steckbrief

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